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Top Stories

  • Morning Coffee
    Coffee at Burger King Monday through Saturday
    John Skaggs, KM6NN calls on 7.097mhz at 7:55 am and a few of the Flying Pigs answer, then they all meet at Burger King for coffee. The Burger King on Riverside Drive, near O' Charleys.


  • Field Day
    Annual Event in June
    Lets all come together and meet for Field Day. This year it will be at Eagle Rest RV park on June 22nd and 23rd. It will be the side of Rotary Park off Old Ashland City Road. Set up will begin around 0900 on the 22nd.


  • Annual Tailgate Party                                                                                                        Every May the C.A.T.S Club hosts a hamfest. We call it a Tailgate Party. Everyone is invited to come. We get sanchuned by the ARRL each year. Anyone can bring tables and set up with NO FEE. We hand out tickets for free for hourly door prize gifts. We will have food and refreshments too, so bring some cash. Located at 250 Old Farmers Rd, Clarksville TN. Saturday 18 May, 9:00am


  • KF4L Website
    Website dedicated to provide information for all
    Ed, W4EMB has assumed duties of keeping the website up to date. Any ideas for information you would like to see, email Ed, W4EMB and let him know.