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Tailgate Party


  • Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society Tailgate Party
    A yearly event held in May each year. Anyone is welcome to come set up a table and sell their wares. You can bring and sell anything you you like. Your table does NOT have to be Ham Radio gear or equipment. Everyone else is welcome to come and shop.


  • Everyone is invited
         We have advertised with the ARRL. We will have hourly door prize giveaways too. Food and refreshments will be on site so bring some cash.


  • Where will the tailgate party be held?
         Hilldale Baptist Church has a pavillion located at 250 Old Farmers Road. The pavillion can NOT been seen from the road. But we will have signs directing you. Also a talk in frequency of 147.390 will be monitored. A map can be seen HERE.


  •  WHO       Everyone is welcome
  •  WHAT     Clarksville Tailgate Party
  •  WHEN     May 18th, 0800 on the 22nd is Set up.
  •  WHERE   250 Old Farmers Lane